[FOR SALE] Tactical Bump Helmet

Tactical Bump Helmet (by FMA)
CHF 94.90 / black, Dark Earth
CHF 99.90 / Camo
Shipping not included

  • Free size, adjustable
  • Lightweight, Hard Shell Design
  • NVG mount base included
  • Velcro stickers
  • 20mm standard side rails

New modern style Tactical Bump helmet; hard and strong polymer one-piece shell, extensive internal padding and padded straps both for stability and comfort. Newer style helmet straps offer more multi-directional securing and padded at the rear to brace against the chin and throat straps.

On top, there are many Velcro pads for you to place your 'call sign' and other patches. There are two 3" (7.5 cm) rails on the sides if you wish to add any accessory or go pro if you have one. At the front is 4 Hole Shroud so you can add some 'dummy' NVG if you wish!

Internally, it's incredibly comfy with soft padding everywhere to make your scalp feel nice and secure at all times. To tighten it, there is a micro-adjustable screw at the back and all you need to do is turn it clockwise till it fits perfectly. If you wish to loosen it, pull it out a little and it should go back to its original length.

This tactical helmet is made for comfort and practicality.