[FOR SALE] PTS Magpul Angled Fore Grip

AFG (by Magpul PTS)
CHF 44.90
Shipping not included


AFG handguard grip (airsoft replica)
CHF 16.90.- / Black, Dark Earth, Olive Drab
CHF 18.90 / Multicam, A-Tacs AU
CHF 19.90 / Digital Desert, A-Tacs FG
Shipping not included

The difference between the "PTS Magpul AFG" and the AFG replica is minimal: they look the same, both fit on 20mm rail systems.
However, there are some issues with the replica: it isn't tight as the PTS Magpul AFG and it could slightly fit loosely (depending on your rail system/AEG brand).
The choice is up to you!
If you decide for the replica, you may be required to create depth for a perfect fitting (you can use tape).